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Konvoy is a Kubernetes distribution by D2iQ. It is built on pure open-source Kubernetes and includes a full suite of integrated and supported best-of-breed Day-2 platform applications for an out-of-the-box, production-ready experience.

Palette offers Konvoy as an available Kubernetes distribution for creating and managing clusters. You can use Konvoy when creating a cluster profile and then use it to create a cluster.

Versions Supported


  • A minimum of 4 CPU and 4 GB Memory.

  • Users or groups mapped to a Kubernetes RBAC role.

  • Konvoy requires the BYOOS pack to reference the image created through the Konvoy image builder project. Refer to the Usage section for more information.

  • Operating System (OS) dependencies as listed in the table.

Supported Infrastructure Platforms

Palette supports the following infrastructure platforms and Operating Systems (OS) combinations for Konvoy.

  • RHEL version 8.8 or later for VMware vSphere.


pack.palette.config.oidcidentityProviderOIDC identity provider configuration.
pack.podCIDRThe CIDR range for Pods in cluster. This should match the networking layer property. Default:
pack.serviceClusterIpRangeThe CIDR range for services in the cluster. This should not overlap with any IP ranges assigned to nodes or pods. Default:
pack.serviceDomainThe cluster DNS service domain. Default: cluster.local. To change the default, you must add this parameter to the Kubernetes YAML file at cluster creation and specify the cluster DNS service domain to use. This value cannot be changed after cluster creation is complete. Refer to the Change Cluster DNS Service Domain section.
kubeadmconfig.apiServer.extraArgsA list of additional apiServer flags you can set.
kubeadmconfig.apiServer.extraVolumesA list of additional volumes to mount on apiServer.
kubeadmconfig.controllerManager.extraArgsA list of additional ControllerManager flags to set.
kubeadmconfig.scheduler.extraArgsA list of additional Kube scheduler flags to set.
kubeadmconfig.kubeletExtraArgsA list of kubelet arguments to set and copy to the nodes.
kubeadmconfig.filesA list of additional files to copy to the nodes.
kubeadmconfig.preKubeadmCommandsA list of additional commands to invoke before running kubeadm commands.
kubeadmconfig.postKubeadmCommandsA list of additional commands to invoke after running kubeadm commands.


To use Konvoy, you must use the Konvoy image builder project to create a custom image. The custom image contains the underlying OS and Kubernetes components. You can then use the BYOOS pack to reference the custom image when creating a cluster profile.


Check out the RHEL and Konvoy guide to learn how to create a custom image using the Konvoy image builder project.

Select Konvoy as the Kubernetes distribution when choosing a Kubernetes distribution in the cluster profile.

A view of the cluster profile Kubernetes selection screen


You can retrieve details about the Konvoy pack by using the following Terraform code. Change the version number to the version you want to use.

data "spectrocloud_registry" "public_registry" {
name = "Public Repo"

data "spectrocloud_pack_simple" "k8s" {
name = "kubernetes-konvoy"
version = "1.27.6"
type = "helm"
registry_uid =