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Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard

Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard is a web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters that auto-enables the Kubernetes Dashboard using secure ports and conveniently includes the Spectro Proxy pack.

Versions Supported



  • Outbound internet connectivity for port 443 is allowed so that you and your applications can connect with the Spectro Proxy reverse proxy.

  • Users or groups must be mapped to a Kubernetes RBAC role, either a Role or a ClusterRole. You can create a custom role through a manifest and use Palette's roleBinding feature to associate users or groups with the role. Refer to the Create a Role Binding guide to learn more.


namespaceThe Kubernetes namespace to install the dashboard.kubernetes-dashboard
ClusterRoleThe ClusterRole to assign to the Spectro Kubernetes
certDurationSelf-signed certificate duration in hours.8760h (365d)
certRenewalSelf-signed certificate renewal in hours720h (30d)
enableInsecureLoginRBAC ensures secure login.false
serviceTypeThe service type for the dashboard. Supported values are ClusterIP, LoadBalancer, and NodePort.ClusterIP
skipLoginEnables or disables the skip login option on the Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard.false
enableInsecureLoginEnables non-Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) login. Dashboard login is always restricted to HTTP(S) + localhost or HTTPS and external domain.false
ingress.enabledIngress configuration to access the ClusterIP, LoadBalancer, or NodePort.false


To use the Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard pack, you have to add it to your cluster profile. Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard supports several public cloud and data center cloud environments. To learn more, refer to Clusters.

Use the following information to find the Kubernetes Dashboard pack.

  • Pack Type: Monitoring
  • Registry: Public Repo
  • Pack Name: Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Pack Version: 2.7.0 or higher

Spectro Kubernetes Dashboard has the following Access options.

  • Proxied: This option is useful for access to the Kubernetes Dashboard from anywhere and leverages the Spectro Proxy pack, which gets installed automatically. The Service resource for the Kubernetes Dashboard will be configured as ClusterIP and is only accessible through the proxy. To learn more, check out the Spectro Proxy guide.

  • Direct: This option is meant for a private configuration where a proxy is not implemented or not desired. The Service resource for the Kubernetes Dashboard will be configured as LoadBalancer, which you can access directly. This option requires you to be on a network that can reach the IP address given to the LoadBalancer service.


You can reference the Spectro Proxy pack in Terraform with a data resource.

data "spectrocloud_registry" "public_registry" {
name = "Public Repo"

data "spectrocloud_pack_simple" "k8s-dashboard" {
name = "spectro-k8s-dashboard"
version = "2.7.0"
type = "helm"
registry_uid =