Portworx is a software-defined persistent storage solution designed and purpose-built for applications deployed as containers, via container orchestrators such as Kubernetes.

Versions Supported


For deploying Portworx storage on vSphere environments, make sure to configure the following properties in the pack

  • vsphereConfig
  • storageType
  • k8sVersion


The default installation of Portworx will deploy the following components in the Kubernetes cluster

  • Portworx
  • CSI Provisioner
  • Lighthouse
  • Stork
  • Storage class making use of portworx-volume provisioner

Integrating to an external etcd

By default, Portworx is set to use internal KVDB. You can integrate Portworx to an external etcd server by following the steps below.

  1. Enable useExternalKvdb flag by setting it to true
  2. Configure the external etcd endpoints in externalKvdb.endpoints

If the external etcd server is configured to authenticate via certificates, additionally you may want to set up the following

  • Enable externalKvdb.useCertsForSSL flag by setting it to true
  • Setup certificate related configuration in externalKvdb.cacert, externalKvdb.cert & externalKvdb.key

Make sure to follow the correct indentation style, otherwise certificates will not be imported correctly and will result in a Portworx deployment failure.


https://docs.portworx.com/portworx-install-with-kubernetes/ https://docs.portworx.com/reference/lighthouse/