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The Cloudanix pack is an add-on security pack that provides a dashboard to help you detect threats and unusual behavior in your Kubernetes clusters. Cloudanix detects the following.

  • Files added or modified in sensitive directories

  • SSH into a container

  • Modifications to shell configuration files

  • Attempts to read sensitive files that contain credential information

  • Crypto mining

The Cloudanix dashboard provides an interactive interface that displays the mapping between threat events and associated container, pod, and node workloads. Additionally, Cloudanix identifies the user who initiated an activity identified as a threat and the command that was used.

You can also start Jira workflows and target specific workloads from the Cloudanix dashboard.

Versions Supported


  • CPUs: 0.5
  • Memory: 256 MiB
  • Kubernetes 1.19.x to 1.25.x
  • Kernel version 4.5 and higher


The Cloudanix pack has the following parameters, which are auto-filled based on Palette user information.

userEmailThe email address of the user who created the cluster and cluster profile.
partnerIdentifierA Cloudanix unique identifier for Spectro Cloud.
organizationIdThe organization tenant ID in Palette.
userNamePalette user name.
accountNamePalette cloud account name.
accountTypeCloud account type such as AWS or GCP, Azure, or others.
accountIdThe user's cloud account ID.
clusterNameThe name of the cluster.
clusterIdentifierThe cluster's unique identifier.
clusterDomainThe Palette cloud account type such as AWS, GCP, Azure, or others.


This Helm Chart installs four Cloudanix services to enable container security capabilities:

  • config-cron: A job that runs periodically in a Kubernetes cluster to maintain the configuration of Cloudanix inventory and threat services.
  • misconfig-cron: A job that captures Kubernetes misconfigurations and displays them on the Cloudanix dashboard.
  • inventory-service: An inventory service that detects any new Kubernetes resources and displays them on the Cloudanix dashboard.
  • threat-service: A threat service that exports threat events and affected Kubernetes resources, which are visible on the Cloudanix dashboard.

From the Workloads page, click the Risks tab to view a list of failed threat rules. You can exclude resources, such as pods and containers, from the risk findings.

Kubernetes 1.25 and higher

When you use the Cloudanix 1.0.x pack with Kubernetes 1.25 and higher, you need to add the Spectro Namespace Labeler add-on pack to your cluster profile. After you create the cluster profile, you then apply it to your cluster.

Use the following information to find the Spectro Namespace Labeler add-on pack.

  • Pack Type: System App
  • Registry: Public Repo
  • Pack Name: Spectro Namespace Labeler
  • Pack Version: 1.0.x or higher

Below is the YAML file for the Spectro Namespace Labeler add-on pack. No action is required.

namespace: cluster-{{ .spectro.system.cluster.uid }}

namespace: cluster-{{ .spectro.system.cluster.uid }}


As a final step, apply the cluster profile to your cluster.


data "spectrocloud_registry" "public_registry" {
name = "Public Repo"

data "spectrocloud_pack_simple" "cloudanix" {
name = "cloudanix"
version = "0.0.6"
type = "helm"
registry_uid =