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Outcold Solutions

Integration provides Kubernetes monitoring solution that includes log aggregation, performance and system metrics, metrics from the control plane and application metrics, a dashboard for reviewing network activity, and alerts to notify you about cluster or application performance issues.

Versions Supported

  • 5.0.0


This integration forwards logs and metrics to Splunk. Pre-requisites for Splunk are

  1. Install Kubernetes Monitoring application
  2. Enable HTTP Event Collector (HEC) in Splunk
  3. Make sure to configure the forwarder settings below while setting up the pack
acceptEULA = false
license =
fields.kubernetes_cluster = -
# Splunk output

# Splunk HTTP Event Collector url
url =

# Splunk HTTP Event Collector Token
token =

# Allow invalid SSL server certificate
insecure = false

# Path to CA certificate
caPath =

# CA Name to verify
caName =

You can find a list of all deployed components in the configuration reference page.