vSphere Volume

vSphere volume virtualizes SAN/NAS arrays, enabling an efficient operational model optimized for virtualized environments and centered on the application instead of the infrastructure There are two types of provisioners for vSphere storage classes:

  • CSI provisioner: csi.vsphere.vmware.com
  • vCP provisioner: kubernetes.io/vsphere-volume

Versions Supported

Notable Parameters

NameSupported ValuesDefault ValueDescription
diskformatthin, zeroedthick and eagerzeroedthickzeroedthickThe storage account type to use
datastoreDatastore NameIf specified, the volume will be created on the datastore specified in the storage class
isDefaultClasstrue, falsetrueFlag to denote if this StorageClass will be the default



Further Info

More info about Storage classes can be found in the following links:



Storage classes created by Spectro will be with the name "spectro-storage-class" and can be fetched from kubectl using the following CLI command:

kubectl get storageclass