Integrations are the additional entities that are used to ensure and/or improve on the functionality of Kubernetes. Integrations are better understood as the options that are available for the various "layers" of the Spectro Cloud SaaS.


Kubernetes, as the official document says, is "not a traditional, all-inclusive PaaS system". As such, it requires a lot of add-ons tailored for specific uses. (A full list of add-ons is available here). The specific uses (or the functionalities) that the add-ons provide are called "Layers" in the Spectro Cloud universe. For example, authentication is a layer that has the options of Dex and Permission Manager. Monitoring is another layer with options of Kubernetes Dashboard, Prometheus Grafana, and a whole lot more. To learn more about individual integrations, use the search bar below to find a specific option. Alternatively, use the filter buttons to see the available options.