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Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana

The logging integration installs a production-grade ElasticSearch cluster with Kibana and Fluentd by default on the Kubernetes cluster. This integration provides a rich set of logging features like forwarding, aggregating & parsing logs from the Kubernetes cluster.


The default integration deployed will have the following components:

  • ElasticSearch control plane (3 replicas).
  • ElasticSearch Data (2 replicas).
  • ElasticSearch Client (2 replicas).
  • ElasticSearch Curator.
  • Fluentd (one per node).
  • Kibana.


Follow below steps to configure Ingress on Kibana

  1. Change serviceType from "LoadBalancer" to "ClusterIP" (line #643)
  2. Ingress (line #670)
    • Enable Ingress; change enabled from false to "true"
    • Set Ingress rules like annotations, path, hosts, etc.

With these config changes, you can access Kibana service on the Ingress Controller LoadBalancer hostname / IP