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Kubevious integration provides a graphical interface that renders easy to understand, application-centric Kubernetes configurations.

Versions Supported

  • 1.0.10


This integration deploys the following components:

  • Deployment
  • MySql DB
  • UI
  • Parser


Follow the steps below to configure Ingress on Kubevious, according to the corresponding version

  1. Within the manifest, find the kubevious section user > interface > service > type and confirm/change, according to the Kubevious version as listed in the table below.

    1.0.10ui: service: type: ClusterIPConfirm that it states ClusterIP.
    0.8.15ui: service: type: ClusterIPConfirm that it states ClusterIP.
    0.5.9ui: svcType: LoadBalancerChange kubevious.ui.svcType from LoadBalancer to Cluster IP.
  2. Configure Ingress

    • Enable Ingress; change enabled from false to true.
    • Set Ingress rules like annotations, path, hosts, etc.

With these configuration changes, you can access the Kubevious service on the Ingress Controller LoadBalancer hostname/IP.