A Pack is a collection of files such as Manifests, Helm charts, Ansible roles, Configuration files, etc. It is the building block of a cluster profile to create layers such as operating systems, Kubernetes, network, storage, and add-ons. Ansible roles, if provided, are used to customize cluster VM images whereas Kubernetes manifests and Helm charts are applied to the Kubernetes clusters after deployment.


Palette provides a rich collection of out-of-the-box packs for various integrations and also offers extensibility through custom-built packs. The following is a typical structure of a pack:

Pack NameRequirementPack Directory Name
pack.jsonmandatorypack config
values.yamlmandatorypack params + values.yaml from charts
+ templated params from ansible-roles + all config from manifests
logo.pngoptionalpack logo
manifestsoptionalmanifest files for the pack
ansible-rolesoptionalansible-roles used to install the pack
chartsoptionalcharts to be deployed for the pack


The pack registry is a server-side application to store and serve packs to its clients. Packs from a pack registry are retrieved and presented as options during the creation of a cluster profile. Palette supports the configuration of multiple registries.

Default Registry

The default pack registry is Spectro Cloud's public pack registry. It consists of several packs that make it easy for a user to quickly create a cluster profile and launch a Kubernetes cluster with their choice of integrations. Palette maintains all packs in this pack registry and takes care of upgrading packs in the pack registry whenever required.

Custom Pack Registry

Users can set up a custom pack registry using a Docker image provided by Spectro Cloud to upload and maintain custom packs. Spectro Cloud provides a CLI tool to interact with and manage pack content in the pack registry. Custom registries offer a mechanism of extending the capabilities of a platform by defining additional integrations.

Spectro CLI

Spectro Cloud CLI is a Command Line Interface to interact with the Spectro Cloud Pack Registry server for uploads and downloads of packs. CLI must authenticate with the pack registry before executing any CLI command.


Spectro CLI is currently available in two platforms - OSX & Linux:

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