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Palette Components Compatibility Matrix

This page lists the version details of various Palette components and their respective Palette releases. Visit the Downloads resource to access the download URLs.

Palette CLI Versions

Palette ReleaseRecommended CLI Version
Release 4.4.4v4.4.0
Release 4.3.xv4.3.4
Release 4.2.2v4.2.0
Release 4.1.0v4.1.0
Release 4.0.0v4.0.0
Release 3.4.0v3.4.0
Release 3.3.0v3.3.0

Palette Edge CLI Versions

Palette ReleaseCLI Version
Release 4.4.2v4.4.4
Release 4.3.xv4.3.2
Release 4.2.3v4.2.0
Release 4.1.0v4.1.2
Release 4.0.0v4.0.0
Release 3.4.0v3.4.2
Release 3.3.0v3.3.0
Release 3.2.0v3.2.0