The Spectro CLI tool is a command-line interface for the Spectro Cloud Pack Registry server to upload or download the packs using commands.


  1. The Spectro CLI tool must be installed.
  2. A custom pack registry server must be up and running.


The Spectro CLI tool is currently available for OSX and Linux.

  1. Download the CLI binary file:

    wget https://spectro-cli.s3.amazonaws.com/v2.7.0/osx/spectro
  2. Provide the executable permission to the CLI spectro.

    chmod +x spectro

Global Arguments

List of Arguments available to all the Spectro CLI commands:

Global Flags

  • List of Flags available to all the Spectro CLI commands:

    • h, --help - help for each command



Authenticate user with Spectro Cloud pack registry by using the login command:

spectro registry login [SERVER]


SERVER - Spectro Cloud pack registry server in the format [host:port]


-i, --insecure - Insecure is used when the pack registry is installed in HTTP or HTTPS with self-signed certificates.

-d, --default - Set the server as default Spectro Cloud pack registry for all the CLI commands.

Note: In case of HTTPS, if you have access to the pack registry's CA certificate, there is no need for the insecure flag; simply place the CA certificate at /etc/spectro/certs.d/[SERVER]/ca.crt.