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OCI Registries

Palette supports the configuration of multiple Open Container Initiative (OCI) registries. You can add a private OCI registry to Palette and use OCI artifacts in your cluster profiles. Palette only supports custom OCI registries that are hosting the following type of artifacts; Helm Charts, Zarf packages, and Packs.

Registries that comply with the OCI specification and support basic authentication are supported. OCI-compliant registries with basic authentication are labeled as Basic. Palette also supports some third-party registry providers, such as AWS ECR.

Supported OCI Registries

The following type of OCI registries are supported:

ProviderDescriptionBasicAWS ECR
HelmOCI based Helm Chart registries.
ZarfOCI based Zarf registries.
PacksOCI based Packs registries.


  • Public OCI registries are not supported. You must use a private OCI registry that supports basic authentication.

  • Synchronization management is not supported for OCI registries. OCI registries are automatically synchronized with Palette and the synchronization cannot be disabled.

To add an OCI registry to Palette, refer to the respective guide for the OCI-type registry located in the Resources section.


If you are using self-hosted Palette or Palette VerteX, you can add an OCI registry at the system level scope. All tenants can use the OCI registry once it is added to the system-level scope. To learn how to add an OCI registry at the system level scope, refer to the Self-Hosted Add Registry guide or the VerteX Add Registry guide.