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MicroK8s is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified upstream Kubernetes deployment that runs entirely on your workstation or edge device. It runs all Kubernetes services natively without virtual machines and packs all the required libraries and binaries.

Support Lifecycle

We support other Kubernetes distributions such as K3s, Microk8s, and RKE2 until their official EOL. The EOL is set by the respective owner. Once we stop supporting the minor version, we initiate the deprecation process. Refer to the Kubernetes Support Lifecycle guide to learn more.


Once you upgrade your cluster to a new Kubernetes version, you will not be able to downgrade. We recommend that, before upgrading, you review the information provided in the Kubernetes Upgrades section.


  • One of the following Ubuntu environments to run commands:

    • 22.04 LTS
    • 20.04 LTS
    • 18.04 LTS
    • 16.04 LTS

    Or another operating system that supports snapd.

  • At least 20 GB of disk space and 4 GB of memory.

  • An internet connection.


If your environment doesn't meet these requirements, there are alternative ways to install MicroK8s, including additional OS support and an offline deployment.

Versions Supported

  • 1.25.0

MicroK8s installs a minimal, lightweight Kubernetes you can run and use on almost any machine. When installing MicroK8s you can specify a channel made up of two components:

  • Track: denotes the upstream Kubernetes version.
  • Risk level: indicates the maturity level of the release, such as stable and edge.

MicroK8s comes with its own packaged version of the kubectl command for operating Kubernetes. This avoids interfering with any version that may already be on the host machine. You can run it in a terminal like this:

microk8s kubectl

If you are using or want to use a different kubectl command, you can configure it for your Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system.


When you deploy AWS EBS pack with MicroK8s, you need to change EBS CSI pack node.kubelet`` values from /var/lib/kubeletto/var/snap/microk8s/common/var/lib/kubelet`.

env: []
kubeletPath: /var/lib/kubelet
env: []
kubeletPath: /var/snap/microk8s/common/var/lib/kubelet