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Azure Disk

Azure Disk storage is designed to be used with Azure virtual machines for the tenant workloads. It offers high-performance, durable block storage with sub-millisecond latency and throughput for transaction-intensive workloads.

Versions Supported

Notable Parameters

NameSupported ValuesDefault ValueDescription
storageaccounttypeStandard_LRS, Premium_LRSStandard_LRSThe storage account type to use
kindmanaged, shared, dedicatedmanagedThe disk kind
reclaimPolicyDelete, RetainDeleteDefines whether volumes will be retained or deleted
allowVolumeExpansiontrue, falsetrueFlag to allow resizing volume
isDefaultClasstrue, falsetrueFlag to denote if this StorageClass will be the default
volumeBindingModeWaitForFirstConsumer, ImmediateWaitForFirstConsumerControls when volumeBinding and dynamic provisioning should happen


Storage classes created by Palette are named spectro-storage-class and can be fetched from kubectl using the following CLI command:

kubectl get storageclass --all-namespaces