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vSphere Storage Interface (CSI)

The main goal of vSphere Container Storage Interface (CSI) is to expose vSphere storage and features to Kubernetes users. It offers an in-tree volume driver that has been actively used on various Kubernetes platforms by service providers, including on-prem. Cloud Native Storage (CNS) is a result of evolution and productization of vSphere Storage for Kubernetes and is also enterprise ready.

vSphere CSI Driver Components

The vSphere CSI driver includes the following components:

  • vSphere CSI Controller
  • vSphere CSI Node
  • Syncer
  • Metadata Syncer
  • Full Sync

vSphere CSI Compatibility Matrix

Palette ReleaseCSI-Driver VersionKubernetes Versions to 1.24.x to 1.23.x to 1.23.x

Versions Supported


Storage classes created by Spectro Cloud are named "spectro-storage-class" and can be fetched from kubectl using the following CLI command:

kubectl get storageclass