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The Multus Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin enables multiple, network interfaces to attach to pods within Kubernetes. Palette provisions the CNI-Multus 3.8.0 Add-on pack, so you can create a multi-homed pod for Kubernetes right within the orchestrator.

Version Supported

cni-multus 3.8.0

Notable Parameters

namestringrequiredEnter the name of the network.
confDirstringoptionalThis is the directory for the CNI config file that multus reads. default /etc/cni/multus/net.d.
cniDirstringoptionalMultus CNI data directory.
binDirstringoptionalAdditional directory for CNI plugins which multus calls.
kubeconfigstringoptionalKubeconfig file for the out-of-cluster communication with kube-apiserver.
logToStderrbooleanoptionalEnable or disable logging to STDERR. Defaults to true.
logFilestringoptionalFile path for log file. Multus add log in given file.
logLevelstringoptionalLogging level
logOptionsobjectoptionalLogging option
namespaceIsolationbooleanoptionalEnables a security feature the where pods are only allowed to access
NetworkAttachmentDefinitions in the namespace where the pod resides. Defaults to false.
capabilitieslistoptionalCapabilities supported by at least one of the delegates.
readinessindicatorfilestringThe path to a file whose existence denotes that the default network is ready.