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Hello Universe

Hello Universe is a demo web application utilized to help users learn more about Palette and its features.

You can deploy it using two preset configurations:

  • A standalone front-end application. It provides a click counter that is saved locally and displays Spectro Cloud themed images.
  • A three-tier application with a front-end tier, API server, and PostgreSQL database. It provides a click counter that is saved in the deployed database and displays Spectro Cloud themed images. You can read more about this configuration on the Hello Universe README.

The three-tier application configuration is only supported by version 1.1.2 of the pack.

Versions Supported


  • A Palette account.

  • A cluster profile where the Hello Universe pack can be integrated.

  • A Palette cluster with port :8080 available. If port 8080 is not available, you can set a different port in the values.yaml file.

  • If you are using the Enable Hello Universe API preset, you will need the :3000 port available on your cluster too. Check out the Usage section for further details.

  • Ensure sufficient CPU resources within the cluster to allocate a minimum of 500 milliCPU and a maximum of 500 milliCPU per replica.


The following parameters are applied to the hello-universe.yaml manifest through the values.yaml file. Users do not need to take any additional actions regarding these parameters.

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueRequired
manifests.namespaceThe namespace in which the application will be deployed.hello-universeYes
manifests.images.hellouniverseThe hello-universe application image that will be utilized to create the front-end
manifests.images.hellouniverseapiThe hello-universe-api application image that will be utilized to create the API
manifests.images.hellouniversedbThe hello-universe-db application image that will be utilized to create the database
manifests.apiEnabledThe flag that indicates whether to deploy the UI application as standalone or together with the API server.falseYes
manifests.portThe cluster port number on which the service will listen for incoming traffic.8080Yes
manifests.replicasThe number of Pods to be created.1Yes
manifests.dbPasswordThe base64 encoded database password to connect to the API database.REPLACE_MENo
manifests.authTokenThe base64 encoded auth token for the API connection.REPLACE_MENo


The Hello Universe pack has two presets that you can select:

  • Disable Hello Universe API configures Hello Universe as a standalone frontend application. This is the default configuration of the pack.
  • Enable Hello Universe API configures Hello Universe as a three-tier application with a frontend, API server, and Postgres database.

To utilize the Hello Universe pack, create either a full Palette cluster profile or an add-on Palette cluster profile and add the pack to your profile. You can select the preset you wish to deploy on the cluster profile creation page.

If your infrastructure provider does not offer a native load balancer solution, such as VMware and MAAS, the MetalLB pack must be included to the cluster profile to help the LoadBalancer service specified in the manifest obtain an IP address.

After defining the cluster profile, use it to deploy a new cluster or attach it as an add-on profile to an existing cluster.

Once the cluster status displays Running and Healthy, access the Hello Universe application through the exposed service URL along with the displayed port number.


You can reference the Hello Universe pack in Terraform with the following data resource.

data "spectrocloud_registry" "community_registry" {
name = "Palette Registry"
data "spectrocloud_pack" "hellouniverse" {
name = "hello-universe"
version = "1.1.2"
registry_uid =