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Verified Packs

Palette Verified Packs are packs we build and actively maintain with continuous updates and monitoring for security vulnerabilities. We use our extensive knowledge to ensure verified packs are configured according to best practices. We offer verified packs across the spectrum of a typical cluster profile stack - from the Operating System (OS) layer up to application layers. Verified packs are readily recognized in Palette by the green shield icon that distinguishes them from other packs.

A screenshot of several Verified Packs with a green shield icon.

Verified Pack Updates‚Äč

Verified packs are updated every six to eight weeks to ensure they are always current. These updates include necessary software updates and configuration adjustments. Additionally, our OS and Kubernetes packs are hardened using Center for Internet Security (CIS) standards, and we update them periodically to align with best practices. If any pack is found to have a security issue, we quickly address it and, depending on the severity of the issue, we may release a patch fix. To address patch fixes, we have established a weekly hotfix release schedule to flexibly roll out urgent fixes as needed.

To learn about our general pack maintenance policy, review the Maintenance Policy reference.


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