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Create Cluster Profiles

Create cluster profiles by configuring layers that contain configuration information. You can create as many profiles as needed for your workload cluster deployments, and you can create multiple versions of a cluster profile using the same profile name but with a different pack configuration. For guidance on creating profile versions, review Version a Cluster Profile.

Cluster Profile Scope

Cluster profiles can apply to a tenant or a project. The scope you are in when you create the profile determines the profile's scope. A profile created in tenant scope applies to the tenant. A profile created in project scope applies to the project.

Cluster Profile Types

Palette provides three types of cluster profiles:

  • Infrastructure - Contains the Operating System (OS), Kubernetes, Network, and Storage.

  • Add-on - Choose from various applications such as service mesh, monitoring, and more.

  • Full - contains both infrastructure and add-on layers.

For a detailed description of each profile type and the layers they contain, review Cluster Profiles.

The next sections provide guidance in creating each type of profile.