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Profile Customization

Namespace labels and annotations are used to customize packs. The section below explains how to apply them in a pack YAML configuration.

Pack Labels and Annotations‚Äč

You can specify namespace labels and annotations to add-on packs, and packs for Container Storage Interfaces (CSI) and Container Network Interfaces (CNI) drivers. These labels and annotations are applied to the namespace the pack is deployed to or to a specific namespace if specified. You can apply labels and annotations to the pack's YAML file.

The following parameters are available to specify namespace labels and annotations:

namespaceThe Namespace that the pack is deployed to. If the namespace does not exist, Palette will create it.string
additionalNamespacesA list of additional namespaces that Palette will
namespaceLabelsA list of key-value pairs for labels applied to the
namespaceAnnotationsA list of key-value pairs for annotations applied to the

The following example shows how to specify namespace labels and annotations for an add-on pack, a CSI pack, and a CNI pack. In the example pack YAML configuration, the wordpress namespace is created. An additional namespace titled wordpress-storage is also created. In the parameters sections, namespaceLabels and namespaceAnnotations, each entry has a key and a value. The key is the name of the target namespace, and the value is the value of the label or annotation.

namespace: "wordpress"
additionalNamespaces: "wordpress-storage"

"monitoring": "org=spectro,team=dev"
"wordpress-storage": "user=demo-user"
"default": "user=demo-user"

"monitoring": ""
"wordpress-storage": ""