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Output Variables

Palette Dev Engine output variables are defined in the app profile and are only resolved at cluster deployment time. The output variables have the following properties:

  • May be referenced by specifying them during app profile creation.

  • Output variables are inherited from the lower layers of the app profile.

  • Each service type exposes a set of unique output variables.

The variables are generated when the server layer is deployed. Output variables can be consumed by the higher layers in the app profile.

Check out the Services Connectivity page to learn how to use output variables for establishing network connectivity between services.


System Output Variables

The following output variables are globally available for all services.

Output VariableDescription
spectro.system.user.nameUser name of the logged in user.
spectro.system.user.uidID of the logged in user.
spectro.system.user.emailEmail address of the logged in user.
spectro.system.tenant.uid ID of the current tenant or organization.
spectro.system.project.uidID of the current project.
spectro.system.project.nameName of the current project.
spectro.system.cluster.uidID of the current cluster.
spectro.system.cluster.nameName of the current cluster.
spectro.system.kubernetes.versionCurrent version of Kubernetes.
spectro.system.reverseproxy.serverHostname of Spectro Proxy reverse proxy server. This value is empty when not enabled.
spectro.system.reverseproxy.portPort of the Spectro Proxy reverse proxy server. This value is empty when not enabled.
spectro.system.reverseproxy.vhostportPort of the virtual host that is hosting the reverse proxy.
spectro.system.reverseproxy.protocolProtocol used for the Spectro Proxy reverse proxy. of cloud environment where the cluster is deployed such as EKS, AKS, and GKE. provider region where the cluster is deployed.
spectro.system.apptier.nameName of the service layer from the context of the app profile.
spectro.system.apptier.uidID of the service layer.
spectro.system.appprofile.nameName of the app profile.
spectro.system.appprofile.uidID of the app profile.
spectro.system.appdeployment.uidID of the app deployment.
spectro.system.appdeployment.nameName of the app deployment.
spectro.system.appdeployment.tiernameName of the service layer from the context of the app deployment.
spectro.system.appdeployment.ingress.hostIngress host pattern for a cluster group with ingress enabled. This value is dynamically generated.

Container Service Output Variables

The container service type exposes the following output variables. Replace [service-name] with the respective name of the service layer.

Output VariableDescription$appDeploymentName.[service-name].CONTAINER_NAMESPACEKubernetes namespace of the deployed container.$appDeploymentName.[service-name].CONTAINER_SVCKubernetes DNS hostname of the service.$appDeploymentName.[service-name].CONTAINER_SVC_PORTExposed port of the service.$appDeploymentName.[service-name].CONTAINER_SVC_EXTERNALHOSTNAMEKubernetes DNS hostname of the load balancer. This value is available if the service's to Public and deployed to a public cloud provider environment.$appDeploymentName.[service-name].CONTAINER_SVC_EXTERNALIPPublic URL of the load balancer. This value is available if the service's access is set to Public and deployed to a private cloud provider environment.

Database Service Output Variables

Each database service exposes a set of output variables. To learn about each database service, check out Available Services.