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App Logs

Download Palette application logs.

App Profile Versioning

Learn about App Profile Versioning, what it is, how to create a version, and how to manage a version.

App Profiles

Learn how to create and manage App Profiles in Palette Dev Engine.


Explore Palette Dev Engine as Free Developers


Learn how to use CockroachDB with Palette Dev Engine.


Explore Palette Dev Engine Database Services

Deploy an Application using Palette Dev Engine

Learn how to deploy applications to a Kubernetes cluster without the traditional overhead accompanied by Kubernetes. Palette’s App Mode reduces the deployment time and complexity when deploying applications to Kubernetes. Learn how to get started with Palette’s App Mode in this tutorial. Get started with the free tier of Palette App Mode


Palette Dev Engine MongoDB Service


Palette Dev Engine MySQL Service


Palette Dev Engine Postgres Service


Palette Dev Engine Redis Database Service

Use Cases

Explore Palette Dev Engine use cases.