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Palette Dev Engine (PDE)

Use the following content to help you troubleshoot issues you may encounter when using Palette Dev Engine (PDE).

Resource Requests‚Äč

All Cluster Groups are configured with a default LimitRange. The LimitRange configuration is in the Cluster Group's Virtual Cluster configuration section. Packs deployed to a virtual cluster should have the resources: section defined in the values.yaml file. Pack authors must specify the requests and limits or omit the section entirely to let the system manage the resources.

If you specify requests but not limits, the default limits imposed by the LimitRange will likely be lower than the requests, causing the following error.

Invalid value: "300m": must be less than or equal to CPU limit spec.containers[0].resources.requests: Invalid value: "512Mi": must be less than or equal to memory limit

The workaround is to define both the requests and limits.