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Enterprise Install

Refer to the following sections to troubleshoot errors encountered when installing an Enterprise Cluster.

Scenario - Self-linking Error

When installing an Enterprise Cluster, you may encounter an error stating that the enterprise cluster is unable to self-link. Self-linking is the process of Palette or VerteX becoming aware of the Kubernetes cluster it is installed on. This error may occur if the self-hosted pack registry specified in the installation is missing the Certificate Authority (CA). This issue can be resolved by adding the CA to the pack registry.

Debug Steps

  1. Log in to the pack registry server that you specified in the Palette or VerteX installation.

  2. Download the CA certificate from the pack registry server. Different OCI registries have different methods for downloading the CA certificate. For Harbor, check out the Download the Harbor Certificate guide.

  3. Log in to the system console. Refer to Access Palette system console or Access Vertex system console for additional guidance.

  4. From the left navigation menu, select Administration and click on the Pack Registries tab.

  5. Click on the three-dot Menu icon for the pack registry that you specified in the installation and select Edit.

  6. Click on the Upload file button and upload the CA certificate that you downloaded in step 2.

  7. Check the box Insecure Skip TLS Verify and click on Confirm.

A pack registry configuration screen.

After a few moments, a system profile will be created and Palette or VerteX will be able to self-link successfully. If you continue to encounter issues, contact our support team by emailing so that we can provide you with further guidance.