Palette Upgrades

We recommend you review the Release Notes and the Upgrade Notes before attempting to upgrade Palette. Use this information to address common issues that may occur during an upgrade.

Ingress Errors

If you receive the following error message when attempting to upgrade to Palette versions greater than Palette 3.4.X in a Kubernetes environment, use the debugging steps to address the issue.

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: failed to create resource: admission webhook "" denied the request: host "_" and path "/v1/oidc" is already defined in ingress default/hubble-auth-oidc-ingress-resource

Debugging Steps

  1. Connect to the cluster using the cluster's kubeconfig file.
  1. Identify all Ingress resources that belong to Hubble - an internal Palette component.

    kubectl get ingress --namespace default
  2. Remove each Ingress resource listed in the output that starts with the name Hubble. Use the following command to delete an Ingress resource. Replace REPLACE_ME with the name of the Ingress resource you are removing.

    kubectl delete ingress --namespace default <REPLACE_ME>
  1. Restart the upgrade process.