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Palette Dev Engine facilitates database service setup, operation, and scaling without installing physical hardware, software, or performance configurations. Instead, Palette takes care of all the administrative and maintenance tasks so that you can use and access the database quickly.

For a list of all the supported databases, refer to the Available Services resource and select the Database filter.

Database Deployment

Palette leverages several Kubernetes built-in workload resources such as Deployment, ReplicaSet, DaemondSet, StatefulSet, etc. To take advantage of the persistence of the data storage, Palette deploys database services as StatefulSet.

StatefulSet lets you run one or more related pods that track the state. The database service workload records data persistently through a StatefulSet that matches each pod with a PersistentVolume. The database service running in the pods that belong to the StatefulSet can replicate data to other pods in the same StatefulSet to improve the overall resilience of the service.


You must allocate storage to the database service based on the available storage within the Virtual Cluster.


By default, cluster groups are configured not to back up the disk storage. This default behavior affects database services because a backup would not include the storage disk. To learn more, refer to Enable Disk Backup on Virtual Clusters.

Version Update

You can make changes to the app profile services, such as version updates, manifest updates, app service additions, and removals. App Profile Service update will generate an update notification on all the apps created from the app profile. Update notifications include all the changes applied to the profile since the initial creation or the previous update. You can apply the update to the apps individually at any time.

Output Variables

Each database service has a set of exposed output variables. These output variables can be used to establish service connectivity with other service layers of the app profile by consuming the information.

The following code snippet is an example of the output variables exposed by the MongoDB service. Check out the service listings page to learn more about each service.

- name: USER_NAME
value: "{{$appDeploymentName.mongodb-1.USERNAME}}"
- name: PASSWORD
value: "{{$appDeploymentName.mongodb-1.PASSWORD}}"
- name: MONGO_URI
value: "{{$appDeploymentName.mongodb-1.MONGO_URI}}"
value: "{{$appDeploymentName.mongodb-1.MONGO_URI_SRV}}"


The service connectivity follows a fixed hierarchy in Palette. The connectivity is established for higher-level services using the output variable. Higher-level refers to the service added to the app profile after adding the database service.

Connect to a DB Service

Applications and clients can connect to a Palette database service by using the information exposed in the output variables. Check out the Service Connectivity documentation to learn more about connecting to a database service.