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Enable Disk Backup on Virtual Clusters

Palette Virtual Clusters are a capability that cluster groups support and that you can enable when creating a cluster group. By default, the virtual cluster settings in a cluster group disable disk backups. You can back up all the volumes within a virtual cluster using the following steps.



You can also enable virtual cluster disk backup during the cluster group creation process.

Enable Backup for Virtual Clusters

  1. Log in to Palette.
  1. Navigate to the left Main Menu and select Cluster Groups.
  1. Select a cluster group to enable virtual cluster disk backup.
  1. Click Settings and expand the Settings Menu.
  1. To enable disk backup you need to change the following configurations in the Advanced Config section.

    • Set syncer.extraArgs.rewrite-host-paths to true
    - --rewrite-host-paths=true
    • Set hostpathMapper.enabled to true
    enabled: true
    • Set podSecurityStandard to privileged
    podSecurityStandard: privileged

Setting the podSecurityStandard to privileged can introduce privilege escalations. We recommend you discuss this with your security system administrator.

  1. Save your changes.

All virtual clusters deployed in this cluster group will now include disk storage during backup operations.


You can validate that the disk backups are occurring by deploying a virtual cluster and taking a backup.

  1. Log in to Palette.
  1. Deploy a virtual cluster in your cluster group that has the disk backup settings enabled. Refer to the Deploy a Virtual Cluster to a Cluster Group guide to learn how to deploy Palette Virtual clusters.
  1. Create a backup of your virtual cluster and include all disks. Use the Create a Cluster Backup guide for additional guidance.
  1. Access the backup location's blob storage and review the backup files.

Example of a backup that includes the virtual cluster disks. Example image of a backup that includes disks