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Use Cases

You can use the Palette Developer Experience (PDE) to serve two common use cases: enterprise developers and individual application authors who want to deploy a containerized application without worrying about infrastructure overhead.

Refer to the Enterprise Users section to learn more about enabling PDE for a large set of downstream users. If you are an individual application author, check out the Individual Application Author section to get started.

Enterprise Users

To enable PDE for downstream users, start by reviewing the following resources.

  1. Understand the difference between Cluster Mode and App Mode.

  2. Create and Manage the Cluster Group.

  3. Allocate User Quota.

The next set of references are not required but good for Palette administrators to be aware of.

Application Authors

Use PDE to deploy your containerized applications to Palette. Leverage Palette's free-tier offering of PDE to get started. Create your application profiles and deploy your applications to Palette in no time.

Use the following resource to get started with PDE today.