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Out-of-the-box Service

Palette Dev Engine contains a set of services commonly used by application authors to support the capabilities of an application. You can use the following service types out of the box with minimal configuration.

  • Messaging System Services: A messaging system service is a platform that enables the exchange of messages between users. It allows people to send and receive messages in real time using different devices and communication channels.

  • Object Storage Services: Object storage is a data storage solution for unlimited, unstructured data like images, videos, and backups. It's managed as objects, not files or blocks, and is scalable and durable.

  • Database Services: A database stores structured data electronically for fast search and retrieval. It's commonly used for applications and websites to store information such as user data, transactions, and analytics.

  • Security Services: Security services are used to protect your application from unauthorized access and to ensure that your application is compliant with security standards.

Select a category to narrow the list of available services and learn more about a specific offering.