Users can create applications based on their use cases to the Palette Dev Engine. Palette encourages the user to deploy their own use cases to the Palette Virtual Clusters, in addition to a set of general purpose applications available within the Palette Dev Engine. This section will introduce how these use applications can be deployed to a Palette Virtual Cluster.

Start Creating a new App

To create your new App,

  1. Login to Palette Dev Engine console
  1. Select the Apps from the left ribbon menu, click + New App, and provide the following information to the app creation wizard.
  • Application Name: A custom name for the application.

  • Select the App Profile: Select an App profile from the existing list by clicking `Select App Profile.’

  • Make the choice of deploying Palette Virtual Cluster. The options available here are:

    Deploy In A Palette Virtual Cluster

    Deploy In An Existing Palette Virtual Cluster

    Select an existing virtual cluster from the available list.

  1. Click on Create an application to complete the wizard. The application will start getting deployed and wait for the application to get ready.
  1. Once the application starts running, we can manage the application from the Kebab Menu (3 dots) against the running application.
When adding layers to the App profile using manifest files, specify a namespace name to which the resource must belong.