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App Logs

Palette Dev Engine (PDE) provides access to application configuration and status logs for each application. The following files are available for download.

cloudconfig.yamlThe cluster configuration file, which contains Kubernetes specifications for the cluster.
manifest.yamlThe generated manifest file, which contains pack details.
spec_description.yamlA file that contains metadata about clusters and applications. This file captures status probes and their results.

To download cluster logs, navigate to the cluster's Overview page and select Settings > Download Logs. Select the log files you want to review.

Download Application Logs

Use the steps below to download application logs. The download bundle is a zip file containing all the log files.


  • A deployed application in app mode.

  • Access to view the application and its logs.

Download Logs

  1. Log in to Palette.

  2. If you are not already in App Mode, navigate to the User Menu and select Switch to App Mode.

  3. On the left Main Menu, select Apps.

  4. Select you application.

  5. Click the Actions drop-down menu.

  6. Select Download Logs.

  7. A message displays with the download link.

  8. Click the download link and review the files.


To review the logs, locate a zip file with file name format [clusterNameHere]-logs-[currentTimeStamp] in the downloads folder on your device.