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App Profiles

App profiles are templates you create with preconfigured services that are required for Palette Virtual Cluster deployment. App profiles provide a way to drive consistency across virtual clusters deployed in the Palette Dev Engine (PDE) environment.

You create app profiles in PDE App Mode, which is optimized for a streamlined developer experience that leverages Spectro Cloud's managed Kubernetes cluster. Access App Mode from the User Menu. For more information about PDE and App Mode, check out the Palette Dev Engine documentation.

You create app profiles to meet specific types of workloads on your virtual clusters. You can use containers, Helm charts, custom manifest, and out-of-the-box services such as databases, message queue systems, and object storage. Check out the Palette Dev Engine Services documentation to learn more about the available services.

You can also review all the Palette Dev Engine services that offer an out-of-the-box experience by reviewing the Service Listings.