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Deploy Same Pack to Multiple Layers

Palette allows you to add a pack multiple times to the same cluster profile, which can be required in certain scenarios where an integration needs to be installed more than once with different configurations. For example, you may need to deploy two instances of the same microservice or application but with different configurations. In this case, you will need to launch the Postgres application twice with different configurations.


Depending on the application, you might have to place the repeated pack in a different namespace, as resource conflicts could arise from the original pack having Kubernetes resources named identical to the one the second pack would create.

In order to allow packs to be added multiple times in a profile, add the <custom_name> key to the pack values in the YAML editor. The key <custom_name> is a name unique across a cluster profile and the cluster.

namespace: "external-dns" "dns-1"

If the same pack is needed at another layer, repeat the above block with the same namespace but a different name such as dns-2. Display names used for a pack across layers should be unique.

By default Palette uses the Helm chart release name in the format packName-chartName. In cases where a lengthy release name causes an issue, you can customize Helm chart releaseNames using the format below.

namespace: kube-system
actual_chart_name1: custom_name1
actual_chart_name2: custom_name2