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Configure HTTP-Proxy in Local UI

Local UI is only available in a disconnected installations of Palette Edge, and often times the Edge host is in a restricted network environment such as most corporate networks. In such environments, you often need a proxy to access external networks such as the internet.

You can configure your Edge hosts to use an HTTP/HTTPS proxy for secure internet access from Local UI. The proxy server configured through Local UI will be retained even after a factory reset.

tech preview
This is a Tech Preview feature and is subject to change. Do not use this feature in production workloads.


  • An Edge host deployed with Edge Installer 4.3 or later.

  • The Edge host does not have a connection to a Palette instance and the installation is conducted with the installationMode parameter set to airgap. For more information, refer to Installer Configuration.

  • An active HTTP proxy server.

Configure HTTP Proxy

  1. Log in to Local UI. You should be directed to the Edge Host page after signing in. If not, click on Edge Host from the Main Menu to navigate to the page.

  2. On the Edge Host page, click on the pencil icon next to HTTP Proxy.

  3. Supply the proxy server information.

    HTTP EndpointThe address where the HTTP proxy server is located. It's used to route HTTP traffic through the proxy.
    HTTPS EndpointThe address where the HTTPS proxy server is located. It's used to route HTTPS traffic through the proxy.
    No ProxySpecifies exceptions to the proxy rules. It lists addresses or domains that should bypass the proxy and connect directly, useful for local or internal network resources.
    CA CertificatesCA certificates that are used to authenticate the proxy server.
  4. Click Confirm. Updating the HTTP proxy settings causes HTTP/HTTPS services on the Edge host to restart, so you will not be able to access the console for a short duration .


  1. Log in to your Edge Host via SSH.

  2. Make a curl request from the command-line to any domain that only the proxy server would have access to. For example, if your Edge deployment is airgapped and does not have access to the internet except through the proxy server, you can make a curl call to Google.


    If you can get HTML code in response containing the Google search home page, the proxy configuration is working as expected.