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Private Cloud Gateway

A Private Cloud Gateway (PCG) is a Palette infrastructure support component that enables the communication between Palette and a private cloud or private data center environment. The PCG is typically deployed into the private cloud environments through the Palette CLI.

A PCG is necessary in private cloud environments where Palette does not have direct network access to the environment where workload clusters are deployed to. When the PCG is installed, it registers itself with a Palette instance and enables secure communication between the Palette instance and the private cloud environment. The PCG supports the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters in private cloud environments. Once a cluster is deployed, the PCG also enables Palette to monitor the cluster and perform cluster lifecycle operations.

Supported Environments

You can deploy a PCG into most private cloud environments. Some of the infrastructure environments have first-class support for PCG deployments through the Palette CLI. Other environments require manually installing the PCG onto an existing Kubernetes cluster. Refer to the table below to learn more about the supported environments.

EnvironmentPalette CLI Install?DescriptionInstall Guide
MAASThe PCG cluster is deployed into a MAAS environment.Deploy to MAAS
OpenStackThe PCG cluster is deployed into an OpenStack environment.Deploy a OpenStack
OtherThe PCG cluster is deployed into an existing Kubernetes cluster that is not managed by Palette.Deploy a PCG to an Existing Kubernetes Cluster
VMware vSphereThe PCG is deployed into a VMware vSphere environment.Deploy a VMware vSphere