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Deploy a PCG

You can install a Private Cloud Gateway (PCG) on a Linux server to support Palette or VerteX deployments. Use the Palette CLI to install the PCG if you are targeting a VMware vSphere environment, MAAS, or OpenStack. For other environments, refer to the Deploy PCG to a Kubernetes Cluster guide.

Select the installation guide that matches your environment in the Resources section to learn how to deploy a PCG.

PCG Sizing

The following table provides the recommended sizing for the PCG based on the number of nodes, CPU, memory, storage, and the maximum concurrent cluster deployments. You can continue to deploy additional clusters once the current clusters deployment batch is complete.

We recommend using a minimum of 3 nodes for production environments. Single-node clusters are better suited for development and testing environments.

Single-Node Cluster
SizeNodesCPUMemoryStorageMaximum concurrent cluster deployments
Small144 GB60 GB1-3
Medium188 GB100 GB4-6
Large11616 GB120 GB7-10
High-Availability (HA) Cluster
SizeNodesCPUMemoryStorageMaximum concurrent cluster deployments
Small344 GB60 GB4-6
Medium388 GB100 GB7-10
Large31616 GB120 GB10-15