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The Edge host deployment process consists of four phases described in the following table.

Model Cluster ProfileThe process of creating a cluster profile for the host cluster that will be made up of Edge hosts.
Install HandoffThe Edge Installer is copied over from a portable storage device to the Edge host's hard disk. This step is typically performed in the preparation step. Refer to Prepare Edge Hosts for Installation to learn more.
RegistrationThe Edge host is registered with Palette. The Edge host will remain in this phase until the registration process is complete.
Cluster ProvisioningThe Edge host boots into the specified provider OS and proceeds with the cluster deployment.

Review the following guides in sequential order to successfully deploy an Edge host.

  1. Model Edge Native Cluster Profile

  2. Prepare Edge Hosts for Installation

  3. Perform Site Install


In a lab environment, you must perform all the steps. In a non-learning environment, these steps are typically performed by people with different roles. The Palette Edge lifecycle is explained in detail in the lifecycle resource, highlighting the various roles involved.