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Learn about Palette Edge and the architecture used to suppport edge clusters.

Build Content Bundle

Learn about building your edge content bundles in order to optimize cluster deployments

Build Edge Artifacts

Learn how to build Edge artifacts, such as the Edge Installer ISO and provider images using Spectro Cloud's CanvOS utility.

Build Installer ISO

Learn how to build the Palette Edge Installer ISO using the EdgeForge utilities.

Build Provider Images

Learn how to build provider images using the Palette Edge CLI and the EdgeForge utilities.

Cloud Init Stages

Learn how to use cloud-init stages when installing an Edge device with Palette.

Cluster Operations

Learn about the various cluster operations you can perform from Local UI.

Create Local Cluster

Instructions for creating a locally manageg cluster in Edge Host Management Console.

Deploy an Edge Cluster on VMware

Learn how to deploy an Edge host using VMware as the deployment platform. You will learn how to use the Edge Installer ISO, create a cluster profile, and deploy a Kubernetes cluster to the Edge host on VMware.


Learn about the Palette Edge installation process.


The methods of creating clusters for a speedy deployment on any CSP


Troubleshooting steps for common Edge scenarios.

Edge Host Grid View

Instructions for using the grid view of searching, filtering and ordering Edge hosts.

EdgeForge Workflow

Learn how to build your own Edge artifacts customized to your specific needs.

Enable Overlay Network

Learn how to enable a virtual overlay network you can control on top of an often unpredictable physical network.


Learn how to install Palette Edge onto an Edge host with an installer ISO.


Learn about the K3s pack in Palette Edge and how you can use it within your Kubernetes clusters.

Local UI

Instructions for Edge Host Management Console.


Learn about solutions Palette offers for various network environments during Edge deployment.

Register Edge Host

Learn how to register your edge hosts with the Palette Management Console

Sensitive User Data Handling

Learn how to make the Edge installer skip copying the specific user data stages to the edge hosts so that you can use sensitive information in the user data stages.

Update Local Cluster

Instructions for updating a locally manageg cluster in Edge Host Management Console.