To use an Edge host with a host cluster, you must first register it with Palette. A registration token in the user data is required to complete the registration process. You have three options to register the Edge host with Palette.

MethodDescriptionSet up Effort
Auto RegistrationEdge hosts can automatically register with Palette by using a Registration Token. This method requires you to specify the registration token in the user data.Low
Manual RegistrationYou can manually enter a unique Edge host ID into Palette.Low
QR CodeScan a QR code that takes you to a web application that registers the Edge host with Palette. This method is considered advanced with the benefit of simplifying the Edge host registration without needing a tenant token or a manual entry.High

A registration token is required for the Edge host registration process. Without the registration token, the registration process will be unable to complete. Review the Create Registration Token guide for steps on how to create a tenant registration token.

Registration Method

To register the Edge host, you are required to use a registration token with all three registration options. Edge hosts are registered under the default project chosen for the registration token. You can override the default project by specifying the project in the Edge Installer user data configuration file.

Select the registration method that best fits your organizational needs and review the steps to get started.

Auto Registration

You can automate the registration process by using registration tokens.

If you selected a default project for the registration token, that is the project the Edge host will be registered under. You can override the default project by providing a project name in the user data.

paletteEndpoint: api.spectrocloud.com
edgeHostToken: yourEdgeRegistrationTokenHere


  • Tenant admin access.

Create Registration Token

To create a registration token, use the following steps.

  1. Log into Palette as a tenant admin.
  1. Switch to the tenant scope.
  1. Navigate to the left Main Menu and select Settings.
  1. Select Registration Tokens in the Tenant Settings Menu.
  1. Click Add New Registration Token.
  1. Fill out the input fields and Confirm your changes.
  1. Save the Token value.

Your next step is to decide how you want to provide the registration token. You can include the registration token in the user data added to the device before shipping. Or you can create a user data ISO and have the registration token in the secondary user data. Check out the Apply Site User Data resource to learn more about creating site-specific user data.


  1. Log in to Palette.
  1. Navigate to the left Main Menu and select Clusters.
  1. Select the Edge Hosts tab.

Your Edge host is displayed and marked as Registered in the Edge hosts list.

Next Steps

The next step in the installation process is to add the Edge host to a cluster or to create an Edge Native host cluster. Check out the Create Cluster Definition guide to complete the last step of the installation process.