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Upload Content Bundle

You can build a content bundle and upload it to an Edge host through the local UI. The content you upload can include images, helm charts, and packs. This allows you to provision clusters locally using the content you upload to the Edge host when the host does not have a connection to a central Palette instance or an image repository.

This page guides you through how to build a content bundle and upload it to an Edge host using the Edge management console.

tech preview
This is a Tech Preview feature and is subject to change. Do not use this feature in production workloads.


  • An Edge host with installed with Edge Installer 4.3 or later using the airgapped install mode.

  • You have built a content bundle that's necessary for provisioning a cluster using your intended cluster profile. For more information, refer to Build Content Bundles. Ensure that you include the --include-palette-content flag when building the content bundle to include images for Palette components.

  • Network access to the Edge host's port where the local UI is exposed. The default port is 5080.

Upload Content

  1. Log in to the local UI.

  2. From the left Main Menu, click Content.

  3. Under the upper-right user menu, Click Actions > Upload Content.

  4. Select your content bundle to upload it to your Edge host.


  1. After the upload is complete, click Content on the left Main Menu and confirm images in your content bundle are present in the Edge host.