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Cost Visibility

Palette calculates estimated cloud cost for workload clusters based on the rate of the instance type used for cluster node pools and usage cost breakdown by namespaces based on actual resource utilization within the namespace.

Cloud Cost

Cluster cloud cost is the sum of the estimated cost of all the nodes launched in the cluster. The cost calculation is done based on the instance type and storage type selected for each machine pool.

Machine Pool Cost = ( Number of Nodes X Instance Price ) + ( Storage Size X Storage Price )
Cluster Cloud Cost = Master Pool Cost + Worker Pool Cost

Example 1:

Let's assume that a cluster ‘demo’ is launched with two machine pools with the following configuration:

MASTER POOL3AWS t2.medium($0.0496/hour)60GB - gp2($0.00014/GB/hour)
WORKER POOL3AWS t2.large($0.0992/hour)60GB - gp2($0.00014/GB/hour)
Calculation for the above scenario
master-pool cost = ( 3 X $0.0496 ) + ( 60 X $0.00014 ) = $0.1572/hour
worker-pool cost = ( 3 X $0.0992 ) + ( 60 X $0.00014 ) = $0.306/hour
Cluster Cloud Cost = $0.1572 + $0.306 = $0.4632/hour

For private clouds like VMware, OpenStack, MAAS, etc., the unit rate for CPU and Memory can be configured as an administrative setting. These rates are used in place of instance-type rates for cost calculation.

Usage Cost

Usage cost is calculated based on the pods' actual CPU & Memory usage, including the claimed PVC storage size. The pod cost calculation is done by dividing the instance type rate into CPU and memory rates proportional to the instance type category.

Instance Type CategoryCPU: Memory
General Purpose65% : 35%
Compute Optimized65% : 35%
Memory-Optimized25% : 75%
Pod CPU Cost = (CPU Proportion x Instance Rate ) x Pod CPU Usage
Pod Memory Cost = (Memory Proportion x Instance Rate) x Pod Memory Usage
Pod Storage Cost = PVC Storage Size x Storage Rate
Pod Cost = Pod CPU Cost + Pod Memory Cost + Pod Storage Cost

Example 2

For the cluster configuration of master-pool & worker-pool considers in example 1,

Calculation for the example scenario
Pod CPU usage = 200m, Pod Memory Usage = 200MB, Pod Storage Size = 10GB
Pod CPU Cost = ( 65% $0.0992 ) 200m = 0.06448 * 0.2 = $0.012896/hour
Pod Memory Cost = ( 35% $0.0992 ) 200MB = 0.03472 * 0.2GB = $0.006944/hour
Pod Storage Cost = 10GB * $0.00014 = $0.0014/hour
Pod Cost = $0.012896 + $0.006944 + $0.0014 = $0.02124/hour
Cluster costs are calculated for all cluster types (new and existing) across all cloud types (public and private)