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Associate a User or Team with a Project

Associating a user or team with a specific project creates a clear distinction between who is allowed in the project and their access control permissions. By grouping resources together, you ensure that only designated members have access to and control over the project resources, preventing others from accidentally or intentionally modifying them. This improves resource accountability, reduces confusion and conflicts, and helps maintain the integrity and security of the project.

User permissions are determined by the combination of their tenant and project roles, as well as any roles inherited from their team association. If a user is a Tenant Admin, they have admin permissions in all projects. A user with the Project Viewer role at the tenant level has View permissions for all projects. However, if a user or team has the Project Viewer role assigned to a specific project, they only have view access to that project. The extent of user permissions, either at the tenant or project level, determines the number of projects they can access.

Associate a User or Team

To associate a user or team with a project, use the following steps.


  • Tenant Admin access.

  • An available project. Check out the Create a Project guide to learn how to create a project.

  • A user or a team.


  1. Log in to Palette.

  2. Select the Tenant Admin scope.

  3. Navigate to the left Main Menu and select Users & Teams.

  4. Select the tab of the resource you want to associate with a project, either a user or a team.

  5. Click on the row of the user or team to display its overview page.

  6. Select Project Roles.

  7. A drop-down Menu containing all the available projects in the tenant is available. Select the project you want to associate with the project role.

  8. Next, assign permissions to the project role. To learn more about each permission and available roles, check out the Palette RBAC documentation.

Click Confirm to create the project role and complete the project association process.


  1. Have a user or a user assigned to a team log in to Palette.

  2. Ask the user to switch the scope to the project you associated their role with.

The user will now be able to select the associated project and complete actions within the scope of their project role permissions.