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User Authentication

Palette supports three types of user authentication methods.

  • User Interface UI authentication

  • API Key

  • Authorization Token

The API key and the authorization token method can be used when interacting with Palette REST APIs for automation and programmatic purposes.

UI Authentication

You can log into Palette SaaS platform by visiting the console URL at If you are a user of a self-hosted Palette or Palette VerteX, then you should use the URL provided by your system administrator, such as

To learn more the UI authentication, refer to the UI Authentication section.


You can use API keys to authenticate API requests. Use the API key to make REST API without having to provide your username and password. Check the API Key section for more information.

Authorization Token

You can use authorization tokens to authenticate API requests. To obtain an authorization token, use the v1/auth/authenticate API endpoint with a POST request to authenticate and obtain the authorization token. Provide your API key as a header value or query parameter.

To learn more about the authorization token, refer to the Authorization Token section.