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API Key Management

You can manage API keys for your Palette tenant. API keys are used to authenticate API requests to Palette. You can create, edit, revoke, and delete API keys for your tenant.

Unlike regular user accounts, tenant administrators can view all API keys created for the tenant. Non-tenant users are limited to actions for their own API keys.

The following table describes the API key management tasks you can perform as a tenant administrator, and how they differ from non-tenant users.

ActionDescriptionTenant AdminNon-tenant User
ListList all API keys in the tenant.
CreateCreate a new API key.
Create for UserCreate a new API key for a different user.
EditEdit an existing API key.
RevokeRevoke an existing API key.
DeleteDelete an existing API key.
ReassignReassign an existing API key to a different user.
ViewView the sensitive API key value.

Once an API key is created, the API key value is only displayed once. You must save the API key value in a secure location, such as a password manager. If you or a user lose the API key value, a new API key must be created.

Use the guides listed in Resources section to learn more about each individual API key management task. Each guide contains a section for tenant administrators and non-tenant users.