Palette supports open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) software tools to provide consistent CLI workflow support to multiple cloud services. Terraform organizes cloud APIs into declarative, configuration files. Terraform supports the ability to write configuration files, checks whether the execution plan for a configuration matches your expectations (before deployment), and applies these changes to hundreds of cloud resources.

Spectro Cloud Provider

Spectro Cloud Palette's SaaS and On-Premise management API is resourced within the HashiCorp Terraform registry as Spectro Cloud Provider.


To use this Spectro Cloud provider, have the following requirements ready:


For an end-to-end cluster provisioning example, please follow the appropriate guide under the Spectro Cloud provider resources. One usage example on spectrocloud_cloudaccount_openstack linked for quick reference: Spectro Cloud E2E Examples.

Examples of other managed resources are also available in the Spectro Cloud Resource directory.

Detailed documentation on supported data sources and resources are available in the Terraform Spectro Cloud Provider documentation. Find the links to those documents at Resources and Datasources.

Module to Provider Compatibility Matrix

ModuleProvider Version

Latest Version of Spectro Cloud Terraform Provider:

The section below includes the different versions of Terraform providers, supported by Spectro Cloud Palette and the changes pertaining to each version.

Latest Version Supported : 0.9.x

Find the detailed patch changes and comparisons within below tabs.

The compatible Module for provider 0.9.0 is 0.3.0


  • Image template folder support.
  • VMware cloud type support for TF modules.
  • Adding static IP-Pool for VMware.

Refer to Full Changelog: v0.8.9 to v0.9.0