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Supported Platforms

Palette VerteX supports the following infrastructure platforms for deploying Kubernetes clusters:

PlatformAdditional Information
AWSRefer to the AWS section for additional guidance.
AWS GovRefer to the AWS section for additional guidance.
AzureRefer to the Azure section for additional guidance.
Azure GovRefer to the Azure section for additional guidance.
Dev EngineRefer to the VerteX Engine section for additional guidance.
MAASCanonical Metal-As-A-Service (MAAS) is available and supported in VerteX.
EdgeEdge deployments are supported in VerteX.
VMware vSphereVMware vSphere is supported in VerteX.

Review the following tables for additional information about the supported platforms.


For guidance on how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on a supported platform, refer to the Cluster documentation.

The term IaaS refers to Palette using compute nodes that are not managed by a cloud provider, such as bare metal servers or virtual machines.


VerteX supports the following AWS services.

ServiceAWS Gov Support?


VerteX supports the following Azure services.

ServiceAzure Gov Support?

All Azure Government regions are supported with the exception of Department of Defense regions. Refer to the official Azure Government documentation to learn more about the available regions.

Dev Engine

VerteX supports the Dev Engine platform for deploying virtual clusters. However, the Dev Engine platform is not FIPS compliant and requires you to enable the non-FIPS setting. Additionally, container deployment based workflows are not supported for airgap environments.

VMware vSphere

The following versions of VMware vSphere are supported in VerteX.

vSphere 6.7U3
vSphere 7.0
vSphere 8.0