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Palette VerteX is FIPS 140-2 compliant. This means that Palette VerteX uses FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms and encryption methods. With its additional security scanning capabilities, Palette VerteX is designed to meet the stringent requirements of regulated industries. Palette VerteX operates on FIPS-compliant Ubuntu Pro versions.

Non-FIPS Enablement

You can deploy non-FIPS-compliant components in your Palette VerteX environment by enabling non-FIPS settings. Refer to the Enable non-FIPS Settings guide for more information.

Something to note when using RKE2 and K3s:

  • When we scan the binaries, which we consume directly from Rancher's RKE2 repository, issues are reported for the following components. These components were compiled with a Go compiler that is not FIPS-compliant.

    • container-suseconnect
    • container-suseconnect-zypp
    • susecloud

    Since these components are unrelated to Kubernetes and are instead used to access SUSE’s repositories during the Docker build process, RKE2 itself remains fully compliant.

    RKE2 is designated as FIPS-compliant per official Rancher FIPS 140-2 Enablement security documentation. Therefore, Palette VerteX designates RKE2 as FIPS-compliant.

  • Although K3s is not available as a FIPS-certified distribution, Palette VerteX supports K3s as a Kubernetes distribution for Edge clusters.

Palette VerteX uses icons to show FIPS compliance status. For information about Palette VerteX status icons, review FIPS Status Icons.

Spectro Cloud has performed a categorization under FIPS 199 with (client/tenant) for the data types (in accordance with NIST 800-60 Vol. 2 Revision 1) to be stored, processed, and/or transmitted by the Palette Vertex environment. (client/tenant) maintains ownership and responsibility for the data and data types to be ingested by the Palette Vertex SaaS in accordance with the agreed upon Palette Vertex FIPS 199 categorization.