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Secure Development

Our proactive shift left approach to making security an integral part of our development process ensures we detect and address vulnerabilities and design flaws early in the development cycle. By integrating security measures into the development process, we improve our software quality and reduce vulnerabilities while minimizing manual intervention and potential human error.

We integrate security measures with our Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. By regularly monitoring and improving our software to ensure product security, we are able to deliver high-quality solutions more quickly to you.

We also employ a comprehensive suite of security scans that cover various aspects of our software: containers, container images, Kubernetes, source code, operating systems, and configurations. This extensive coverage enables us to identify and address a wide range of potential security issues before they can impact our end users.

We connect the results of our security scans directly to our ticketing system. This seamless integration ensures we promptly address any identified vulnerabilities or issues and validate them during our release checklist activities. In addition, we continually evaluate and adopt new security tools and practices to stay ahead of evolving threats. Our investment in security automation and tools demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding your data and maintaining the highest standards of software quality and security.