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Release Process

We use semantic versioning for releases, where release versions follow the Major.Minor.Patch numbering pattern across all components, and we utilize and maintain Integration, Stage, and Production environments.


Our release process includes a checklist of the features planned for release to ensure their completion or to ensure a completion plan is in place.

When all pre-deployment checklist items are complete, stakeholders review the checklist to make an informed decision about the state of the release and do the following:

  • Identify any steps that have not been completed.
  • Request additional information.
  • Follow up as needed.


A new version deployment will not proceed until all stakeholders have signed off.


We back up the current release before starting a new one. Should a rollback be required and patching is not an option, a rollback request is submitted to the Spectro Cloud DevOps team. The DevOps team will restore from the backup and revert the production SaaS instance to the prior version.